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  • Jumpfly, Inc.
    Jumpfly, Inc.

    The JumpFly team is proud of their reputation, and looks forward to many more years of providing the best PPC management available. On top of their reputation, JumpFly works month-to-month and offers a money back guarantee, again showing their commitment to value, and relent...

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  • DMA

    DMA knows business and what it takes to reach higher levels of success. As a full-service marketing agency, DMA creates efficiencies for your organization by taking your entire project from start to finish for faster results and reduced costs. As your goals are met you'll ha...

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  • Get Found First
    Get Found First

    Get Found First specialises in BIG Pay-per-click management. With Get Found First's experience managing millon dollar plus accounts they will leverage a Huge ROI out of the most stubborn campaigns. Get Found First uses tried and true marketing practices adapted to the online...

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  • Ignite Digital
    Ignite Digital

    Ignite Digital is a Canadian Digital Agency. We are proud to be Canadian and 100% Canadian owned. We currently provide digital solutions for medium to big brands. Our solutions combine content marketing, social media (community managers), SharePoint Website development, ente...

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Pay Per Click Management

Expectations & Projections
Marketing Budget Distribution by Year

Through the research our team has conducted, we have identified a consistent increase in how companies allocate their marketing budgets. More companies are assigning parts of their marketing budget towards online advertising campaigns in order to take advantage of a growing audience of always-online web users. With mobile technologies becoming prevailent, it is becoming important for marketing companies to extend their budgets to account for online marketing.

We believe interactive marketing, campaigns consisting of different ways to communicate with an online audience, will become increasingly critical for many business to obtain new customers.

Online Advertising Budget Distribution by Industry

There are a number of different approaches companies may opt to take in order to reach an online audience. Pay per click engines like Google Adwords are expected to continue to grow as they expand technologies to allow for finer targeting controls. Online retail companies allocate a large portion of their advertising budget towards online shoppers which use search engines in order to find what they are looking for.

Social media channels are becoming another avenue for marketers to target a growing audience of always-connected web users. With mobile becoming a dominant method of accessing the Internet, we expect mobile digital advertising to become a major channel for most advertisers.

Conversion Rates Recommended Agencies

Due to the nature of our evaluation process, the companies featured in our rankings are agencies which are more likely to produce a positive result for their customers. Upon performing additional research, we have found that the agencies we recommend have a tendency to produce a higher return on their client's pay per click and online advertising investment.

The PPC management companies featured in our rankings page are often selected due to their experience in producing exceptional advertising campaigns. It is important to understand that performance is also impacted by the budget of a campaign in addition to the type of audience the company targets among other variables.

ROI Compared Between In-House and Outsource

Businesses are often looking for new ways to reach an online audience. While some companies opt to build their own in-house PPC management team or professionals to manage their campaigns, a lot of companies opt to hire an experienced PPC management company.

PPC management agencies often have a competitive edge when compared to an in-house team of PPC managers. PPC management companies often have access to a wide variety of tools for bid automation, reporting, and analytics which give them more information and better ways to automate the creation and optimization of a pay per click campaign. In addition, PPC management companies may be more apprised of newer or more niche PPC engines.

Time to ROI Achievement

Online advertising can be a significant long-term strategy for online retailers and other businesses. For companies in the entertainment and healthcare industries, it can take time for a campaign to display the desired results in part due to how different PPC engines work and often due to when the campaign begins in a calendar year.

There are a number of elements at play when determining when to expect to see a return on an advertising investment. These elements include how long it takes to convert a lead into a client, how much time it takes to make a profit off of a single sale, and how aggressive the campaign is in comparison to those competing over the same audiences.

Conferences & Events

Conferences & Events

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Comprehensive Methodology & Analysis

Reach the right audience by hiring an experienced PPC management expert.
Our rankings consist of experienced pay per click management firms which focus on supplying their clients with effective paid advertising campaigns. We believe it is important for businesses to have access to a list of recommended vendors which have proven their worth through a meticulous analysis of their past projects, customer feedback, and their client retention.

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