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They did a great job for us.

By Anonymous Mar 06, 2020

Digital Marketing Agency was able to help us out with getting some high quality links to our company blog which has resulted in a lot more people becoming aware of our non-profit. We are eternally gra... more

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While I would like to think of myself as technologically savvy, we really were stuck in a time that was quite different from how marketing is done today. In online e-commerce, we were quickly finding that if you couldn't adjust for the times, the times would pass you by. When it become quite apparent that our in-house team couldn't handle the stress of figuring out online advertising, we reaching out to DMA to give us some help. They not only put together a brand new campaign for us, they helped correct our understanding of online advertising. We were able to target web users more relevant to us rather than just setting out the bait and hoping that someone would bite. We not only see a large increase in ad impressions, we were seeing an even greater increase in the number of clicks we got to our website and an even greater conversion rate to boot. Since we were targeting the right people online, we had greater success in sales without really having to invest in additional resources; these were people that were quite happy to purchase from us. We focused on what we did best by making sure every customer was a satisfied customer and DMA handled the digital marketing like they do best.

DMA rescued us from the brink of death
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2014 was a rather rough year for us. While it may seem like a stretch, our company was quite nearly at the brink of death. We had been using an SEO company that was getting us great results for quite a while, but all of the sudden nearly all of our rankings had disappeared. A lot of hard work and effort had been put into maintaining our rankings, so when the search results disappeared, we didn't really have a backup plan in mind. It turns out, we were penalized for some of the questionable activities of our SEO company. We talked with a couple of SEO experts over a couple of weeks, but we couldn't find anyone willing to take up the hard work of trying to restore our rankings for us. That's where DMA stepped in. We had reached out to them to see what they would be able to do for us or at least point us in the right direction. _x000D_ _x000D_ I spoke with Mr. Van de Goor who was able to help me understanding exactly what was happening as it was something the whole online industry was going through. We signed the contract with them and they got to work figuring out what was causing the most damage. It took a couple of months, but we found our rankings starting to come back. Within six months, we were not only back to where we were, but were already in the process of a complete rebranding in order to take advantage of our new-found rankings and our new advertising budget. We went from having lost nearly everything online to being able to expand our hotel chain. Since then, we have seen a steady increase in our guests finding us online and we have also worked with their experts to create strategic campaigns targeting events in our area to create strategic partnerships leading to less vacancies and more revenue year after year. I still find the work they do to be quite stunning and it is always an absolute pleasure working with DMA. _x000D_ _x000D_ I am looking forward to a great 2018 moving forward.

Increased our revenue by 45% in three months

Absolutely satisfied with what William and his team have been able to do for us. Having had no success with SEO and having barely understood what it really was, we were put in touch with William to figure out why things weren't working. They broke down our website and explained what the flaws were in a way where it made us very comfortable with entrusting them with the future of our online sales. We were hesitant over the first two months, but that third month was a blessing. By rewriting our content and targeting keywords they said were more relevant to us, we started to notice an incline in overall revenue and definitely a steep one in online sales. They achieved an 89% increase in search traffic over a six month period, which was certainly a greater result than our previous SEO company had quoted us. We are now in the process of designing a brand new website with them to launch a new product line with a new advertising campaign to add to it.

They helped us increase our search traffic dramatically.

We were really flying blind online when it came to finding business. When our previous marketing company wasn't producing results, we brought our website to a number of different firms, DMA being one of them. They were quick to find ways our website was limiting us in the search engines and proposed a way to improve the website. We gave them the shot and they definitely came through for us. Three months into our campaign they set up a meeting and showed us in a screen share just where we were when people were searching on Google. We were already seeing the results in new orders, but that extra guidance gave us the confidence to further invest in our marketing with them.

Awesome Experience
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They work with humans and not robots. I like the way they approach SEO and other kind of items.

What would you change about the experience?

I would recommend them to make things much easier before making any changes. This is something that they could do internally.


5/5 You can no more anyone else after reviewing them. This is the one of the best agency in the world.

What was the best part of the experience?

very nice experience with the digizones_x000D_ Very well documented article with facts/figures and a clear analysis

What would you change about the experience?

Thanks, thedigizone This is very motivational as I consider a career change into the field


Digital Marketing is "Evergreen" career choice. The marketing, technology is constantly evolving, thank you soo much !

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