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Key People at Big Oak SEO

Shell Harris - Founder
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Chris Alexander - Co-Founder
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Eric Gehler - PPC Analyst, Google Ambassador
Eric Gehler PPC Analyst, Google Ambassador Contact This Executive
About - Big Oak SEO

Located in Richmond, Virginia (VA), Big Oak is a stone’s throw from Washington D.C., Norfolk and Charlottesville. We offer our services to a wide range of clients including:

Service-based and product-based businesses
Companies servicing B2C and B2B clients
Those needing national results and others looking for local results

Since our start in January 2004, Big Oak has enjoyed steady growth by producing superior Internet Marketing for companies ranging from national e-commerce businesses to local business owners seeking to improve website performance and traffic. With a firm belief in the power of focus, Big Oak is totally dedicated to the discipline of natural site optimization. The company prides itself on its innovation and ability to tailor solutions to match client needs.

Core Service Pay Per Click Management Pay-per-click Campaigns – Google Adwords

PPC can be a powerful tool to bring interested visitors to your site. The right clicks can turn into solid inquiries and sales. Whether you run a local, service-based business and are looking for phone calls – or a national, product-based website and are looking for online purchases – the right keywords, ads and landing pages are essential.

A pay-per-click campaign can work in tandem with a search engine optimization campaign – or may be used instead of SEO, depending on your company’s online goals, keywords, marketing plans, etc.There are a number of reasons we recommend pay-per-click campaigns to our clients. PPC can:

  • Help you appear in the search engine results pages for keywords you are unlikely to rank for
  • Allow you to easily test keywords to see if they draw clicks and conversions
  • Give you access to local results in areas where you do not have a physical presence
  • Let you promote short-term offers and sales within a limited timeframe
  • Enable you to test marketing messages or landing pages
  • Provide information on the keywords you should go after in your SEO campaign

A PPC campaign can be temporary solution or an ongoing strategy depending on your website, competition and needs. Pay-per-click can be set up for:

  • Text ads on a search engine’s results pages (along with search-engine-owned web properties and partner sites)
  • Banner ads on partner websites and apps
  • Remarketing to customers who have already been to your website using both text and banner ads
At Big Oak, we are a Qualified Google Partner for AdWords.

This is our Google Partners page. All businesses claiming to be certified by Google, must have a page like this. We have AdWords Certified Managers on staff who have proven to Google that they are skilled in working in the Google environment and have deep knowledge of pay per click marketing. One member of our team, Eric Gehler, is a Google Community Ambassador. This is a very prestigious honor as Eric Gehler was one of the first Google Ambassadors and today there are only a few worldwide. We also work with Bing Ads which provides PPC advertising on the Yahoo! Bing Network.

The best way to see better results, and spend less money doing it, is through proper pay-per-click campaign set up and management. Your website will achieve higher traffic numbers, better conversion rates, viable leads, and enhanced online exposure. By doing a poor job of setting up the campaigns and then not spending time on managing them, you will find you are wasting money on errant clicks that cost too much and don’t lead to sales while driving unqualified traffic to your site.

What does being a Google Partner really mean?

From Google: Anyone can join Google Partners, but only trusted agencies can earn Google’s seal of approval and get listed on Google Partner Search, helping generate valuable new leads.

    • Certifications: Show that you and your colleagues have advanced AdWords knowledge by getting certified in AdWords.
    • Best practices: Demonstrate that you’re maximizing your clients’ performance by implementing the recommended best practices in their accounts.
    • Spend: Show that your agency has a healthy amount of activity by meeting the Spend requirements across your managed accounts.
How Big Oak Can Help

Launching a PPC campaign takes knowledge and time. Determining the keywords, correctly arranging the ad groups, writing good ad copy, working on the landing pages, and determining the bids takes expertise in understanding how to market to potential customers and how to work in Google’s AdWords or Bing Ads. After that, there isn’t a passive “maintenance” period – ad copy needs to be tested, bids need to be adjusted, keywords need to be added or paused, negative keywords need to be incorporated, and conversions watched. Our PPC experts can do all of this, taking the burden off you and your team.

Perhaps you have already-existing PPC campaigns you have set up, or are being run by another company. We are able to step in and make positive changes. We can evaluate what is working and make immediate modifications to improve your results. When your campaigns are set up correctly and strategically managed, you will find a decrease in what you actually spend. Our knowledge and expertise save you time and money over trying to get the same results through trial and error, or relying on outdated strategies from unhelpful partners.

Contact us to discuss your PPC needs. We’ll help you through considering your budget, how much you want to spend per lead/sale, the amount you should spend to test, etc.

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