Evaluation Methods

There are a number of different strategies employed by our research team in order to determine which companies to feature in our rankings. Outlined below are some of the key aspects which our research team takes into careful consideration to determine which agencies are leaders and top contenders in the areas of service they most often provide.


When evaluating paid Search marketing agencies a lot of time is placed into analyzing their strategy and internal methodologies for determining a campaign’s performance, the metrics used to determine how a campaign needs to be structured or changed, and the types of professionals and resources used in order to get a campaign in top shape. We find it important for pay per click management companies to have a well-established method which encompasses how they approach their paid Search marketing endeavors to ensure their clients are in great care by professionals which truly understand how pay per click works.

Evaluation Process

Our process for evaluating pay per click management companies involves an in-depth look at each vendor’s approach to assisting their clients and measuring the success of the paid Search campaigns. A set of evaluation criteria is used as a means of comparison for the leading PPC management companies which consists of five areas of evaluation based on which factors most contribute to the success of that particular service. In addition, the independent research team spends time connecting with client references to obtain their feedback and opinions on each of the pay per click management and paid advertising management services they have used.


We find it to be important for pay per click management agencies to be highly involved and integrated into the online marketing community. We often have the chance to meet with and communicate with online marketing agencies through industry events, conferences, and training sessions. During our research we take into consideration the effort each vendor places in sharing training and information through contributions to publications and other various online resources.

Warning Factors

There are a number of warning factors we take into consideration when reviewing pay per click management companies. For instance, we take reports of unethical and reckless actions taken by online marketing agencies seriously. In addition, we review each vendor’s presence within the online marketing industry over time and take into consideration companies facing issues with downsizing, restructuring, and other corporate activities which are a sign of financial stress and instability. Our rankings reflect the PPC management agencies which we have found to be consistently performing in addition to being stable financially and infrastructurally.

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