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October 12, 2010 IMC New York Mobile October 12-13 2010 New York, Uzbekistan
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October 12, 2010



October 13, 2010


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, New York, Uzbekistan, 10001-3

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Cross-Media Marketing Strategies to build and engage my customers

With Smart Phones today, the line is blurring as to What is Mobile and What is Online! By 2012 there will be more the 50% of all devices Smart Phones that can access the same Internet. As there are over 700M Online Websites Globally, will there be a duplicate 700M Mobile Website and Applications? As a media buyer, why do I need to wrap my head around these separate channels? Is the catalyst for overlapping convergence Location? Register today

The InternetMarketingConference (IMC) is bringing this unique Mobile CrossMedia event called (IMCM) in order to debate and discuss how to efficiently enter a strategy of mobile and online marketing convergence. We hope you can answer these basic questions after a comprehensive day of both Online and Mobile Experts discussing options for your converged future.

* How to leverage convergence for my online and mobile Brand Strategy?
* How can I leverage my online customer acquisition strategies from mobile?
* What kind of Mobile and Web Application should I build? Then what?
* How can I leverage a mobile strategy efficiently with my existing online resources?
* Why not just make my Internet marketing strategies both online and mobile together? Is this not what Google, Yahoo, Microsoft are doing anyway?
* Should I not just design my existing website to be accessed by Mobile?
* Why do I need partners, when my online partners are going that way anyway?
* All of the existing Analytics and Social media strategies be just extended or not to mobile?
* Is there a way to market my mobile offers via online and visa versa?
* What should I do about my online video’s going mobile?
* What is the differences I need to efficiently manage between online commerce strategies and mobile strategies?

The format for the day event will be a series of keynotes and panels. For each panel there will be a mix of experts from both vantage points; the Mobile Platform Experts vs. The Online platform Experts Debating Mobile => learn more today.

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