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October 14, 2014 Hero Conf Conversion Summit Indianapolis, Uzbekistan
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October 14, 2014



October 15, 2014


Conference Location:

501 N. Morton Street, Indianapolis, Uzbekistan, 47404

Conference Organizer

Conference Organizer:


Contact Person:

Nate Hollander


Phone Number:

812.330.3134 x134


With two powerful keynotes and 17 breakout sessions, Hero Conf Conversion Summit lives up to the Hero Conf reputation for deep, actionable education. It provides a platform for world-class speakers to share original, innovative, conversion-focused content with applications across verticals and industries. Rub elbows with peers from exciting, creative brands and leave with ideas that are relevant to you.

The two tracks, Science and Magic, speak directly to the art and technique behind conversion. Personalize your day to deliver the most possible impact for you.

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