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March 12, 2012 Digital Branding Conference – Effective Strategies to Create a Customer-Centric Brand Hongkong Hotel
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March 12, 2012



March 16, 2012


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, Hongkong Hotel

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When and Where: 12 – 13 March 2012, Singapore
                          15 – 16 March 2012, Hong Kong

Is your brand strategy still effective in today’s digital age?
Can you convince customers to continuously invest their time & money into your brand?
Can you craft a distinctive brand experience that is consistent & appealing?
Can you determine the ROI of your online branding strategy & its effectiveness in converting consumers into loyalists?

The Digital Branding conference is your chance to attend 2-day learning intensive sessions about the power and effectiveness of marketing your brand online. Through inspirational keynotes and case studies of Coca-Cola, Kraft, Lenovo, BASF, Cartoon Network and other global brands, you will be on a fast-forward tour of the tactics and technologies to capture customers and build intense brand loyalty. Get inside the minds of these expert practitioners and thought leaders to unlock their secret formulas to their successful brand stories, learn from their unique insights to the customer psyche and unveil the best strategies to boost your brand through social media communities. Do not miss this opportunity to learn how to use social media to create multiple touch points across various channels to reach your target audience, gain their emotional investment in your brand and achieve maximum ROI.

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