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November 1, 2011 Customer World 2011 London
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November 1, 2011



November 2, 2011


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, London, NW1 7EJ

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Putting insight at the heart of retail to drive loyalty and profits
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As the consumer market-place grows and diversifies, Retail Week presents an essential, exciting and unprecedented event to reveal, question and plan for the crucial profile of the 2010 -2020 customer.

Bringing together over 300 retailers, customer insight experts, consumer psychologists and innovators in both technology and the holistic customer experience, this is the most crucial two day event for consumer retail industry.

As well as Retail Week’s rich research-led programme of both strategic and practical learning sessions, delivered in a host of innovative and engaging formats, the event also offers the entirely unique Customer World ‘experience’.

Fast-forwarding to the world of the consumer in 2020, the Customer World exhibition offers a physical walk-through of the journey of the customer now and in the future. Broken down into four ‘zones’ of interaction, this is a not-to-missed opportunity to experience the world not just as you know it, but also as your customers will in 2020 and beyond.

25% discount with code DIS-EVE-25 Call 020 7554 5806 today!

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