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July 31, 2014 Affordable Social Mentoring for Your Small Business: Part 2 Online, Uzbekistan
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July 31, 2014



August 31, 2014


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, Online, Uzbekistan

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(June 2 – August 31)

Affordable Social Mentoring for Your Small Business: Part 2

Show Recap

The Social Network Show welcomes back Gail Gardner to the June 2, 2014 episode.

Gail Gardner, a small business marketing strategist, Founder of GrowMap and Manager at Social Implications, gives great advice on using Twitter and twitter feed. Listen to the show to hear how things go viral; the benefits of using trending content; the definition of “feed” and “RSS”; how to use Twitter Feed; how images should be used to make your content stand out; using Social Implications to get help.

Gail Gardner is a Small Business Marketing Strategist specializing in creating overall brand strategy based on researching where your potential buyers are already active. As Community Manager of the Social Implications membership site, Gail makes sure every question receives expert answers. She also provides referrals to qualified experts. Gail is also the Founder of GrowMap, the small business advice blog. You can find Gail as GrowMap across social networks and at

You can also connect with Gail on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+

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