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October 27, 2012 HIT ME! How To Get Your Business To Punch Its Weight Online London, Uzbekistan
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October 27, 2012



October 27, 2012


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4-5 Bonhill Street , London, Uzbekistan, EC2A 4BX

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With people talking SEO, PPC and RSS it can sometimes feel like they are speaking in another language.  If you want to understand this language and learn from leading experts in the field of Internet Marketing, our experts will help you to un-jumble the jargon. 


HIT ME! will bring you the latest ideas, information, tips and advice on how you can master internet marketing to supercharge your business. 


We’ve rounded up the very best Internet Marketing Experts for one power-packed day for business owners, directors and internet marketers who want to:


·         Un-jumble the jargon


·         Understand the power of Internet Marketing


·         Drive more traffic to their website


·         Boost impact and improve visibility of your online marketing campaign


·         Maximise the use of links, social media and content to strengthen your positioning. 

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